Vision Therapy

When glasses and contacts aren’t the answer, vision therapy may be able to improve your vision.

Glasses and contacts can aid your vision and LASIK, PRK, and other vision correction procedures change the anatomy of your eyes to help you see more clearly. However, vision therapy is designed to train your vision to correct itself.

Few eye doctors offer vision therapy in Indiana, but we do at ETF. If you or your child have an up-to-date prescription but still suffer from headaches, eye fatigue, or eye strain or struggle with reading or concentrating, vision therapy may be able to help you.

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Our vision therapy services include:

Amblyopia, often referred to as “lazy eye,” is a condition where one eye has reduced vision compared to the other eye. Eye turning (which is when a person can’t align both eye simultaneously) is often a symptom. Amblyopia can create problems with child development, depth perception, and detailed visual tasks that require both eyes.

Amblyopia can be treated in several ways, including with glasses and contact lenses. When vision correction isn’t enough, an eye patch or occlusion therapy with eye drops may be recommended. This allows the brain to focus its attention on the poorer-seeing eye and help with visual development.

Lazy eye therapy may also include exercises. Many of these exercises can be performed at home using simple techniques and even tablets or other devices.

If you have a child who suffers from amblyopia, learn more about amblyopia/lazy eye therapy for kids on our ETF Kids site.

Vision therapy is a doctor-supervised therapy used to address a variety of eye conditions and issues with processing and interpreting visual information.

Vision therapy is typically once a week for several weeks and is designed to give you comfortable vision so you can thrive at work, in the classroom, and in other activities.

Vision therapy can often help you if you suffer from eye strain or fatigue, headaches, difficulty staying on task with reading, trouble focusing, skipping lines while reading, and poor reading comprehension.

If you have a child with these symptoms, learn more about vision therapy for kids on our ETF Kids site.

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Find out if vision therapy can improve your vision.