Neuro-optometry, also known as neuro-optometric rehabilitation, is a subset of eye care which focuses on visual dysfunction in relation to neurological conditions. The focus of treatment in neuro-optometry is to improve eye teaming, eye tracking, focusing, and balance. 

Patients who have suffered from:

  • Concussion or other brain injuries
  • Stroke
  • Poor balance
  • Double vision
  • Visual snow syndrome
  • Visual discomfort while reading or on the computer 
  • Poor memory
  • Anxiety in crowds or visually busy environments

Brain Injury Facts

Studies show that 90% of traumatic brain injury patients and 86.7% of stroke patients suffer from vision dysfunction. (1)

We see with our brains, not with our eyes.

- Dr. Paul Bach-y-Rita

Brain injuries should not be taken lightly. Even a minor concussion can have lasting effects on the brain and visual function

Motor vehicle accidents account for 25% of all traumatic brain injuries. (2)
Concussions make up 75% of all traumatic brain injuries. (3)
of concussion patients experience visual field loss. (4)
drawing of a brain

Treating your visual symptoms after a brain injury is crucial to your recovery. Don't wait to book an appointment for a vision evaluation.