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Essilor LogoEvans & Taylor Eye Care Group are authorized Essilor experts.

The right lenses can quite literally make or break your glasses. They correct your vision, protect your eyes, and with certain coatings, can stand up to everything from scratches to UV rays.

But not every pair of glasses has the same type of lenses or lens materials. The best lenses for your glasses will depend on your prescription and unique visual needs, as well as whatever additional benefits you’d like to get from your frames.

Your optometrist and optician at Evans & Taylor Eye Care will each work diligently to put you in the perfect prescription with the perfect lenses.

We specialize in the following lens types:

  • Single Vision
  • Progressive
  • Bifocal
  • Active
  • High Index
  • Computer
  • Crizal
  • Transitions
  • Eyezen
  • Essilor