What is Neuro-Optometry?

Neuro-optometry aims to treat and manage visual disorders that are caused by brain injuries such as concussions, stroke, brain tumors, or other neurological conditions. These conditions can create difficulties with balance, double vision, light sensitivity, and visual processing, to name a few. Other conditions a neuro-optometrist may play a role in treating are multiple sclerosis, intracranial hypertension, cranial nerve palsies, and many more.

What can a neuro-optometrist help with?

  • Sensitivity to motion
  • Poor balance/posture
  • Spatial disorientation
  • Light sensitivity
  • Visual processing deficits
  • Double vision
  • Coping with vision loss
  • Poor eye tracking
  • Eye strain
  • Headaches
  • Visual field loss

Dr. Meital (May) Wurster is a neuro optometrist in with ETF Eye Care. She has clinical experience from Bowersox Vision Center, Indianapolis Eye Care Center, Eye Surgeons of Indiana, and the Maryland VA Medical Center. During that time, she developed a special interest in neuro optometry.

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